What the project aims to achieve is the recognition of the Great Wall as a living ecosystem, showing a different picture of the Wall, namely not the architectural nor historical sight, instead the human and natural ecosystem, exploring human activities in the area and understanding how they interact with the natural environment and the Wall and how these three elements are or can become mutually beneficial. During the fieldwork there will be a comprehensive observation and collection of information about the cultural peculiarities and natural uniqueness of the ecosystem. The project aims at correctly produce an innovative interpretation of the issue itself.

While travelling along the provinces, another purpose will be that of exploring Sino-European cultural relations through a bottom-up approach, showing that cooperation between two passionate foreigners and local long-established communities can be mutually beneficial, especially if the common aim is the conservation of an ecosystem, which is also a world heritage. Increase awareness on the importance of conservation, sustainable development, tourism sustainability, value and respect of local cultures, and on the close ties between nature and cultural heritage is another main goal. This goes well along with the aim of fostering Great Wall ecosystem environmental preservation through sharing positive practices and new solutions abiding from mutual dialogue and common experiences. Collecting and sharing views, tools, experience and examples of various local communities on development opportunities while respecting and conserving the environment, in order to conduct sustainable activities. 

All of this will be made stressing the splendor and variety of rural local cultures in China, less famous than touristic sights, nonetheless characterized by an equally relevant cultural heritage, fostering their conservation. Understanding whether habits, food, typical products, myths and beliefs of various communities living along different spots of the Wall share similarities due to this common characteristic; in other terms, the goal consists of understanding whether the Ming Dynasty Wall has been a “Great Road” connecting and influencing distant communities living along it. We intend to encourage this new study approach integration to existing ones.

At the end of the day, inspiring explorers and dreamers of all ages, showing that even small steps may have a positive impact on a wider community, is the final reason why this initiative came to life. The aim is to show that the Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is not just a common saying, instead it can become true with the right balance between passion, reason and preparation.



Our Partners

"A friend in need is a friend indeed" as a chinese proverb says. In this section you can find the friends of Bai Yi Bu - Ten Billion Steps that joined our project to make it real. Becoming our partner means to be part of an innovative initiative that will twist worldwide perception of the Great Wall. Our partners will be always displayed when the project is advertised and spread. Moreover, our partners will be invited to our global events around the world when presenting the project and its outcomes. They will be constantly engaged in our communication of the initiative and will be invited also to participate in a part of our hiking along the Great Wall. Being a partner of BaiYiBu-Ten Billion Steps is a great opportunity for all the enterprises and firms that want to partner and collaborate with China. This will show your genuine interest in Chinese history and culture while demostrating your Corporate Social Responsibility directly on the country itself.

Our Collaborators

Our collaborators are fundamental to our mission. Collaborators are all those subjects that are actively working with us on organizational issues or putting their energy and commitment to the realization of our mission. Individuals, professionals, firms and istitutions can be collaborators.  When speaking with new entities and partners interested in supporting and in collaborating with us, we will always put our collaborators on the frontline. Through their work they are showing passion for Chinese culture, history and society. Moreover, they have specific competences and expertises that we will happy to highlight during the initiative preparation and conduction. 


Leona is helping Ten Billion Steps with relations and partnerships with chinese stakeholders 

Leona Chen


"Chinese travelling internationally and studying business. Big fan of arts, cultures, and histories, aspiring to promote global understanding of the authentic China."

Our Supporters

Our supporters have a specific role in our strategy. Supporters are all those subjects that donate to our cause in order to make this project concrete on the ground. Supporters are ideally firms or institutions that want to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility or that believe in the conservation of the Great Wall as a monument to Human intelligence and resiliency. Even private subjects can be supporters by donating for the realization of the project. Every donor will be proudly showed on our website (if interested).


Become our Partner!

Become our partner in this wonderful adventure. As a friend and a partner you will share with us the emotion of a journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step. CONTACT US for more information or to engage in the project! 

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